We are well positioned to support your warehouse storage and distribution needs in all participating investigational sites and research locations. Listed below is a comprehensive list of Worldwide Biopharma’s capabilities for our clients:

  • Multiple operations and temperature-controlled warehouse facilities.
  • System visibility of inventory records.
  • Re-stocking.
  • Stock post-assembly for special orders.
  • Validated packaging solutions.
  • Distribution of investigational drug products/vaccines, clinical and packaging supplies.
  • Dry-ice supply, dry-ice replenishment, temperature monitoring, and re- packaging service

Packaging Supplies:

Worldwide Biopharma offers unique shipping containers that are proven to maintain temperature stability for over 96 hours requiring only five (5) pounds of dry-ice. These tested solutions dramatically reduce the actual dry-ice procurement and transportation costs.

Worldwide Biopharma is one of the several suppliers of cold chain global transportation. Temperature-control during the handling, transportation, storage, and final distribution of the contents is critical in Clinical Trial Studies.

With clinical specimens required to be frozen at -78 degrees, or kept at an average refrigerated temperature between 2-8 degrees, the minimum temperature variation could affect the stability of a specimen. Worldwide Biopharma will assist with dry-ice procurement, handling, and necessary packaging.

Precise coordination between shipper, transportation company, airline, broker, and consignee, are of the utmost importance with respect and management of all procedures needed for the contents arriving at destination intact and stable. The result of contents arriving at a destination compromised can not only delay the commencement of a protocol, but it could create large amounts in losses,

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